Unlocking market industry upgrade

2020-09-11 10:43:18 Haining Anjie Locks Co., Ltd. Read 928


 In recent years, with the acceleration of urban and rural industrialization in Zhongshan City, many geographical units of towns (streets) have been formed. Hundreds of similar producers from huge industrial clusters have gathered together to form many hardware and gun locks. Furniture, food and other "one town, one product" regional traditional characteristic industrial cluster.

        After decades of development, Xiaolan Town has become one of the pillar industries with nearly 300 lock manufacturers. In the process of the development of industrial clusters, due to the considerable number of industry product standards or backward industry standards, and the large number of manufacturers, the industrialization of homogeneous cable locks with a small degree of homogeneity has restricted the development speed of the lock industry. Speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure and raise the bottleneck.

        Zhongshan City Quality Supervision Bureau is guiding the traditional industries to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, innovating ideas, and adopting the form of voluntary labor unions to develop and grow together with enterprises in various industries when national, local or industry standards have not been established for high-quality products. Implement the concept of enterprise alliance standards. Guided by the standards of the leading Xiaolan Alliance, "the government + industry associations + enterprises jointly developed and promoted the alliance standard model, formulated and implemented the three-door lock industry alliance standard, promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters, and enhanced the competitiveness of the industry."