Security door lock quality concerns

2020-09-11 10:43:18 Haining Anjie Locks Co., Ltd. Read 1261


   In recent years, China's defense burglary door industry has continued to heat up and is in the ascendant, with many product styles and various names. The security door has entered a new heyday for gun locks. But what is regrettable and worrying is that many anti-theft doors on the market are not produced in accordance with national standards. The overall quality is a serious problem, and the complaint rate of consumers has greatly increased. Articles about public safety door quality issues have been published. Safety and reliability goalkeepers receive widespread attention from safety gates that actually have quality risks, and most consumers are confused. Recently, the reporter interviewed Ren Changqing, deputy director of the Product Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security of the Cable Lock Department on this issue. "The quality of anti-theft doors is worrying, and market supervision needs to be strengthened." The quality of anti-theft doors and the careful and in-depth analysis of the person in charge of the marketing department pointed out the crux of the problem directly.

        "Master keys" in major cities in China can easily open security door incidents that often appear in newspapers; public sales of "seven types of unlocking weapons" all over the country (cross unlocking electric lock pick, folding lock pick, tubular unlocking tool, universal keychain for unlocking packaging ) Websites abound; locksmith training sells unlocking handouts, training materials, and demonstration CDs. The thief in almost all anti-theft doors can be opened within tens of seconds. According to statistics, the main criminal means of unlocking technology has become a city where thieves enter the house!

        There are two kinds of surface treatments. Surface treatment means to lock the cable on the surface of the part or form a protective film under the action of metal and deposition, coating, chemical oxidation or other processing methods. The film mainly plays a role in anti-corrosion, but also increases the appearance and durability, which is an important factor to directly measure the quality of the product. Common methods for measuring surface treatment: covering layer thickness measurement, bonding force inspection, salt spray and humidity test, visual inspection. Coating adhesion, hardness, humidity test and visual inspection method.